Gion-Shijo – Visual Story

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Gion-Shijo is famous for the Geisha district. Located near the Kamo River where it is filled with shops, restaurants, and teahouses, where Geisha and maiko (Geisha apprentice) are located.

When visiting Gion-Shijo, remember that Geishas are located at a particular. Geisha are real expensive and exclusive yet worth spending the money. Or be like me hunt down Geishas for amazing photos. Just make sure that you are not invading the personal space of a Geisha.

Gion is my go-to street photo location. And i love to hunt Geishas around Gion district. When at Gion, you actually feel a different kind of ambiance. You feel part of an era where technology wasn’t born.

Explore Gion from entering narrow streets to experiencing local restaurants. The best time to visit Gion is during autumn, winter, and spring. Summer season is really hot and definitely not recommended.

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If you are very lucky you might encounter beautiful Geishas around the Gion District. Make sure that you are quick and fast. Although you aren’t actually allowed to photograph them but just be quick.
My other suggestion is to book a restaurant that offers a Geisha service and you might want to prepare your wallet, cause its crazy expensive.

My honest advice, if you want to buy souvenir or foods you want to bring back home to your country buy it at Gion. Fewer people less the crowd.
Most of the stores for example shoe shops, luxury shops are also found at Gion, no need to battle the crowd at Shinsaibashi and other shops.

Hope you enjoy my photography. Feel free to leave a comment positive or negative. All photos are edited using my Lightroom preset. If you are interested to feel free to ask I might give it to you for free.

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